Project Support for : Ph.D/M.E/M.Tech/B.E/B.Tech/MCA/Msc/BCA/Diplomo

Department : Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics

Star Technologies Madurai

Among the Star Technologies Madurai migrations, we Star Student Project Madurai randomly pick seven corresponding TPC-W sessions Star Technology Madurai undergoing live migration. All these sessions run the “shopping mix” workload with Star Students Projects emulated browsers. As a target for comparison, we rerun the session with the same parameters but perform no Star Students Projects Madurai migration and use the resulting performance as the baseline. Star Student ProjectStar Technology shows the normalized Web interactions per second (WIPS) for the Star Students Project sessions. WIPS is the performance metric used by TPC-W. The figure shows that most live migration Star Student Projects sessions exhibit no noticeable degradation in Star Student Project performance compared to the baseline.